NerdNav Awaits a Makeover

NerdNav Awaits a Makeover

As you may know, I published an iOS app called NerdNav in 2016. Details are here.

Since then I’ve decided that the app is too much of a jumble of loosely related functionality and would actually be better split into a number of smaller apps, each with a more defined focus. So I’m currently working on refactoring the app into four separate apps. At the same time, I’m working on an Android version of each.

The first two apps will take the Augmented Fantasy elements built around LOTR and GOT.

The third will use the Augmented Reality elements of NerdNav to show you “What’s Over There?”, whether that’s by looking over the horizon, or below your feet.

That leaves me with the nerd-related locations that I categorised as “The Nerdverse”. The 300 locations that appeared in the NerdNav app have grown since, and I’m looking at ways of spinning this into something completely different. Details to follow if time allows.

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