LifeStories Studio

LifeStories Studio

LifeStories Studio allows you to create a LifeStory, which is a time-centric, mixed-media format for telling the story of just about anything.

The initial idea behind the app was to allow people to write autobiographically, and I wanted to offer as many media options as possible so that people could include whatever they wanted, whether it was the obvious audio, photos and video, or something more social like a Facebook post of a Whatsapp chat.

While I was developing the app I realised that you could write a lot more than an autobiography, so while that remained the focus, I expanded the app so that it could support the development of multiple LifeStories in parallel.

I also recognised that while the iPad version I was creating was ideal for creating a LifeStory, people would want to access that LifeStory on multiple different devices, so I separated the creation from the consumption, which is why we now have separate Studio and LifeStories apps.

If you’re interested in the LifeStories idea, there’s a lot more information on its dedicated website