LifeStories is an iOS app that allows you to download or import LifeStories that have been created with LifeStories Studio. The app contains a downloads page where you can download LifeStories from our servers. It also includes an option to import a LifeStory that you’ve been given (by a family member for example).

In parallel with creating the LifeStories and LifeStories Studio apps I also created some initial LifeStories for download. I am working on others and hopefully we’ll build a community of LifeHistorians who will also contribute.

The current downloads in the app are as follows:

Phil John

This is my autobiographical LifeStory. I built it as an example of the elements you could use to write your own LifeStory. It includes audio, video, photos, pdfs, boards, chats and posts. Most of the family elements are marked as private, but you can find out about my apps, career and obsessions (guitars and sport mainly).

Ibanez JS Series

The Ibanez JS Series is the signature model of world-renowned guitarist, Joe Satriani. This LifeStory follows the story of the JS range from its origins as the Ibanez 540R through to the JS1CR, and includes 17 Donnies and every catalogue entry for the last 30 years.

5,000 to 1

The amazing story of Leicester City’s Premier League winning season in 2015/16, one of the most improbable sporting success stories ever seen. From 5,000 to 1 outsiders at the start of the season, Leicester went on to win the Premier League with games to spare.

Light Years

The history of the world, as measured by star light. When we look up at the night sky we see stars that are very familiar to us, but the light we see may have been travelling for hundreds of years, so we actually see the stars when that light started its journey.

This LifeStory looks at each star and what was happening here on Earth when the light we see today started its unbelievable journey.