My name is Phil John, and I’ve been running AppCraft and doing app development for about 10 years, mostly as a contractor. I’ve also developed a number of my own apps which I’ve published on the App Store.

You can reach me at

Prior to app development, I had a varied and fun career.

  • I set up and ran which pioneered the delivery of video to mobile devices via sideloading.
  • I developed a Pay Per Click aggregation service for the leading search engines and ran an SEO service for some clients.
  • I developed and ran the world’s largest independent Ferrari website.
  • In association with IBM I developed a video compression technology using Neural Networks.
  • I imported the UK’s first plasma HDTV and worked on a non-broadcast solution for point of sale.
  • I set up and ran NTL’s Internet division, pitched and secured the deal to land Virgin as a customer and inadvertently kicked off the process that led to the creation of Virgin Media. (You’re welcome).
  • I wrote the Telezone Corporation’s successful application to the Canadian Government for a wireless operating licence (while I lived in Toronto).

Xamarin and Me

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development environment based on C# that started life as Monotouch. It’s the easiest way of creating a single app that runs on multiple mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices.

When I first started creating apps for Apple devices I used HTML and JavaScript with a little bit of Objective-C. After the first year of doing this I changed to Objective-C exclusively and that was the way it remained for several years.

Then by chance I picked up a few short contracts where I was using Monotouch. These included the British Lions app in 2013 for Sequence in Cardiff and a couple of legal apps for 3Chillies in Reading.

In the Autumn of 2015 I started work on a Xamarin contract for Bam Nuttall in Camberley which has renewed on several occasions, with the result that I now program exclusively in Xamarin. NerdNav, which is available on the App Store was written in Xamarin.